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Those of you using NoScript (which I highly recommend) might be noticing a few sites besides ours listed as running scripts here at Erd's NIP, Edc.  In the interest of full disclosure and transparency, we're going to tell you up front what these are in the hopes that you'll let them run for ours and other blogs that you enjoy.  They're completely harmless, and some even help to support us through unobtrusive advertising.

Basic site structure,,, and are the containers for our basic site structure scripts.  Things like the Serious Archives or if-else logic for post display come from these sources, so to view the page even remotely how we intended, you'll need to enable these three.

Analytics is a script that anonymously tracks very simple data about my visitors.  This is stuff like who referred them here, how long they spent on the site, and how many pages they viewed.  It's harmless inasmuch as literally every site has something similar - this just enables me to see some of that data so I can develop my page better.  Feel free to block it if you must, but don't think that blocking this script stops Google or your ISP from learning this basic info, it just stops me from seeing it.

ShareThis provides bloggers with an easy way to plug in sharing icons (Facebook like, StumbleUpon thumbs up, Twitter tweets) without the mess of having to go one-by-one and write specialized scripts for each service.  A number of professional blogs use this service as well, so you can be sure it's not going to cause any harm or bring the site to a crawl.

Now we get to the ones some people will block.  But, hold on!  These scripts aren't intrusive and cause no noticeable speed difference!

In fact, what Outbrain does is provides related articles at the end of each post.  The advertisement is in the fact that one or two of these may be from other sites, but they'll still be broadly related to what you were reading and thus probably interesting to you.  Furthermore, clicks on these links generate small contributions to The Alliance for Climate Protection, not our blog (unless we reach 500,000 daily readers.  Then it will convert into money for our blog, but that will never happen).

Viglink is an interesting script that will hopefully become the foundation of our monetization effort.  Any time we link to a site that has an affiliates program and you buy something on that site, we get a small commission from the sale.  This means that we get to continue posting content like we always do, and you get to continue shopping - or not - like you always have.  When the stars align and we recommend something you're interested in, BOOM! referral revenue.

If you support our blog, you should allow these scripts.

Redlasso, Youtube, etc.
When we embed content for discussion, there will often be scripts associated with running the file.  Generally with NoScript, these things will show up with an indication that they are being blocked, so you can enable these as needed when they come up rather than doing some "Allow all for this site" kind of situation.

Anything else
If you've found a script executing on our site that isn't covered here and isn't part of some embedded content, notify us immediately.  We take your security and privacy seriously.

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