Posts on this blog can be reproduced or remixed within what is essentially a CC-Attrib-SA license.  This means that you can share it and remix it however you like - including for commercial purposes - as long as your derivative uses a similar copyleft license and you attribute our blog, preferably with a hyperlink.  The biggest hurdle a non sequitur blog like ours faces is finding its audience, and if you're out there spreading our work with our blog's name visible, we both win!  You get content and we get some exposure!

If you believe that we've violated your copyrights, you're wrong.  Send your strongly-worded bullshit letter to us before you forward it to Google and unfairly get the blog shut down for two weeks while we petition for its return, eventually win, and go all Streisand Effect on your ass.  That said, there are chicklets and title images that we have pulled together from more places than we could keep track of.  As such, we might have forgotten to credit someone for some creative commons or unsourceable thing they did because we don't remember where we got it or couldn't find the originator.  Let us know and we'll add you to the Design & Acknowledgments post.  Sorry in advance!

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