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Any and all emails should be sent to the address provided in the image below.  Before you fire off an email, heed these tips to make sure it gets answered quickly and by the right person.

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If it is commentary on a single post, by all means use the comment form embedded under the post.  We've enabled anonymous commenting to make this as easy as possible, and your comment may start a meaningful or hilarious dialogue that your peers can join in on.  And don't worry about us not seeing the comment - we already get an email any time one is posted!

If the commentary is about multiple posts or the blog in general, we'd still prefer it appended to a relevant post to allow for said discussion, but if you must, please at least include in your email the post title(s) or URL(s) (the http:// thing) so that we know what the heck you're referring to!

Technical Issue
If you're experiencing a technical issue viewing our blog - maybe the layout breaks in your browser or a script doesn't execute right - see if you can isolate anything that may help us diagnose and repair the issue.  Be as specific as you can in your email, especially making sure to include what browser version you're running (Help > About on the top menu will usually give you this info) and any extensions or add-ons that you think might be conflicting with our site.  We want to make sure our page can be reached by as many people as possible, so we greatly appreciate your time in filing a bug report!

If for whatever reason you're looking to advertise on a blog nobody knows exists, by all means send us an email!  Be as specific as possible about what kind of rates you're thinking about and definitely include a link to the site you wish to advertise.  Because of our scale, we can only accept offers of commission-based affiliates, CPM models, or post sponsorship ("this post brought to you by") and we absolutely won't do adverblogging.  Ads and their associated scripts can't be unreasonably obtrusive to our user experience, including terms that forbid us from styling them into our layout.  Also, bear in mind that while the majority of our content is PG-13 equivalent, we reserve the right to extend into the R-rated variety if a post warrants it.  We don't expect to make any money blogging, and we're not in a rush to monetize, so these terms are intractable.

Anyway, if you're interested drop us a line with as much detail as you can provide and we'll be sure to get back to you!

Anything else
We love to hear from our readers, so go ahead and send us your thoughts!

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