As you no doubt have already figured out, Erd's NIP, Edc. is a blog that hits on a range of topics.  Why?  Because we have not one author but two!  Both maintained their own sites previously but neither could keep up with the other's demands for more posts.  Eventually, a mutual friend suggested they combine their blogs, and so Erd's Nothing In Particular and Ed Cetera combined to form the long but excellent name it has today.  So just who are these authors?

ErdTirdMans is a tech-savvy guy with a lot of history on the internet.  Since 1996, he's been actively contributing to the web in some form or another, eventually culminating in Erd's Nothing In Particular in 2000 on the now-dead hosting domain of Geocities.  He is a man of deliberate speech, diverse interests, and a need to be heard.  He blogs under his gamertag pseudonym ErdTirdMans to shield himself from the ire of potential employers that may be unhappy with his sometimes unpopular opinions, freeing him to speak his mind.  Though he wouldn't say blogging is a passion of his, he  can hardly tear himself away and also writes for NFOpocalypse and Quoted4Truth.  He is - for all intents and purposes - the webmaster of Erd's NIP, Edc. and is nearly completed a degree in Business Administration and Computer Networking.

Ethan Edwin White
Ed has been a friend of Erd's since 1999, when both attended college together.  Having come from an affluent family, Ed's background contrasted with Erd's even while the two found themselves agreeing on matters of politics and social issues.  A friendship developed, many arguments came and went, and the two found themselves inseparable.  A partisan liberal, Ed felt at home in Philadelphia moreso than his native North Jersey, and before long he found himself spending more and more time on-campus.  At roughly the same time however, both men left their university for other avenues, and Ed has settled back into a comfortable life working with, vacationing with, and partying with his family and girlfriend.  He loves heading out on his family boat for a bit of fishing, and though it's not his career of choice has found his work at the family law firm dynamic and engaging.

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