Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dr. Strangelaws or: How I Learned to Start Worrying and Hate the Government [SOPA]

Disregard my last post.  The issue of net neutrality is much more important than my Programming Concepts class.  You see, unlike you digital natives that make up a huge chunk of the Internet, I remember when there was no World Wide Web.  I mean, for fuck's sake, I still capitalize the Internet like it's a proper noun!  We had freedom of speech, but not on the level that we have now - there was no free and open global exchange of ideas in a neutral forum.  We talk about this stuff a lot - how the Internet has connected people, led to a Renaissance of freethinking, spurred social movements under stalwart regimes, and led to the rise of independent artists - but it's sometimes difficult to see the trees through the forest of lolcats and Techno Chickens.  Yes, the net can be a frivolous thing.  Yes, people abuse that connectivity to distribute copyrighted material and child pornography, but way more people use it to stay connected to family and friends from out-of-state or country, to collaborate on art across state and country lines, to deliver information and education to those who otherwise wouldn't have access to it, and to fund projects to help develop the third world.  These things are great triumphs of humanity, they deserve your utmost attention, and they deserve your zealous defense.

So, how do laws like SOPA affect the wondrous Internet, democracy's most salient incarnation?  Let's take a long, long, long, hard look.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Internet Blackout Post-mortem

I could hardly hope to write a more compelling or comprehensive post regarding the Stop Online Piracy Act or Protect IP Act than the multitude of sites already covering it.  This bill is simply wrong, and in case Wikipedia's protest blackout yesterday caught you off guard and unaware, here's a collection of information about the SOPA\PIPA bills and how they will exact Draconian control of free speech through internet censorship, not to mention hurt the very technological foundations of the Internet.