Saturday, May 30, 2009

A pet peave: "Agree"

Lately, I've been hearing people respond to statements with just simply "agree" so as to say "I agree with you." Is it so fucking hard to say "I agree" or "agreed?" They're both one extra goddamn letter!

When you state a verb without a subject, you are making an imperative sentence using an implied you. For example, when I reply to your "agree" nonsense with the words "Shut the fuck up," I am saying "[You] shut the fuck up."

Alternatively, words can be used as exclamatory sentences or statements to express an emotional response. This is usually done with words that are either interjections, profanities, or onomatopoeia. For example, when you say "agree," I may reply with "Good God!" "FUUUUUUCK!" or "Ugh!" Since the verb "to agree" is a passive action (oxymoron), it makes no sense in this context either. Agreed however is an interjection.

Person A: "The sky is blue."
Person B: "I agree."
B (expanded): "I agree [with you]."
A: "The sky is blue."
B: "Agree."
B (exp.): "[You] agree [with yourself]." Wha-?
In order to not sound like a dimdick, here are a few of the thousands of better alternatives to "Agree!" that you can use:
  • Mhm
  • Yup
  • Yes
  • Right
  • Correct
  • Agreed
  • Affirmative
  • Totally
  • Definitely
  • I concur
  • I agree
  • That's true
  • That's right
  • That statement is wholly\mostly\partly accurate
  • Erd has a chocolate-covered cock. Also, you make a valid point.
That last one will hopefully get a rumor going that will improve my blowjobs received/year ratio. As of right now, it's severely low.


  1. Hahaha. I enjoyed that. Not enough to suck your dick, but, yeah know, you could probably get a hand job out of it.

  2. Damn it! I'll have to work harder next time. The whole point of this site is to get me blow jobs :(

  3. The internet is serious business.