Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gems from the Evony\Civony forums

This is just too fucking funny. It took me about 45 minutes to see the game for what it is and another 4 hours or so to make absolutely sure before I bad-mouthed it (and to collect relevant screenshots). It's hard for me to empathize with the suckers in that thread.

This thread is seven pages of the administrators asking players to report grammar and spelling errors. That way, they don't have to cut into their profits by paying one guy a few bucks to correct things.

These poor saps (one of which gave UMGE $180) seem to think the Evony developers actually give a shit about the game. They don't recognize that once the ROI for the Evony scam drops to an undesirable point, UMGE will simply rebrand, relocate, and rescam. Shell games ftw!

(also posted as an update on NFOpocalypse)

For background on this topic, see my original post.


  1. Evony are trying to get all bad publicity off the web by using lawyers: http://www.bruceongames.com/2009/08/25/evony-want-to-sue-me-for-telling-the-truth/

  2. This is a massive story, so I thought that I would expand on the original article. If it was in the automobile industry or the banking industry it would be front page headlines. But the old people who are in charge of the media don’t understand games. So firstly I will do some explaining.

    Gold farming I have written about before. It is the practice of playing games to generate valuable in game items which are then sold in the real world to lazy Western players who can’t be bothered playing the game properly themselves. It is a massive industry employing around 400,000 people in asia, mainly in China. Gold farmers are often on the edge of legality and they use every underhand internet technique to market themselves. They generate mountains of spam as they attack blogs and forums with their advertising. They are amongst the bad boys of the internet.

    Free MMO (Massive, Multiplayer, Online) games are known as persistent world games because they are always running and provide an alternative reality. The big names are Runescape, Habbo, Club Pernguin, Maple Story and Free Realms. They have many millions of players each, all around the world. Whilst the game is free to play they have revenue models based on purchasing in game items, playing an enhanced version of the game, carrying advertising etc. They are a huge phenomenon of our times and many people you know play them.

    Eric Lam is a Chinese businessman who owns or is associated with a whole cloud of companies and websites. He was sued by Microsoft for online advertising click fraud. It is thought that Lam owns the gold farming company Wowmine and that he could be earning as much as half a million dollars a day from this alone.

    Now it looks like Lam has decided to go first party with his own MMO, thus cutting out the middleman. That game is Evony. And its heritage shows. When you play the game, just about everything in the game can be obtained by paying instead of playing. A blatantly exploitative business model never seen before.

    The game itself is a rip off of some very well known games. The game mechanic and some in game content comes from Sid Meier’s highly successful Civilisation series. Much of the graphics came from Age of Empires.

    The game itself is so flaky and bugged that it is very easy for things you have paid good money for to just disappear. Lots of people are losing money this way. And, surprise, surprise, Evony never give a refund.

    Something very devious is iEvony. This is an application that you download into your PC to invite your friends to join the game in exchange for in game rewards. This could very well be a Trojan designed to harvest email addresses messenger passwords and much else. Would you trust a Chinese gold farmer inside your computer? Many gullible people are.

    The advertising for Evony consists of fairly lurid female imagery. These images were mostly lifted from lingerie catalogues and, amazingly, have zero relevance whatsoever to the game. Evony are carpetbombing game websites with these adverts using multiple accounts of Google AdWords. When website owners block one source of these adverts another appears. Site owners have complained repeatedly to Google, but to no avail.

    But advertising isn’t the only marketing going on. Evony are using automated spam programmes to add comments to articles on blog sites. Not once or twice. No, they are blanketing game related blogs with comments that advertise the game. Exactly what you would expect of a Chinese gold farmer.

    This article just skims over what is going on here. There is enough to write a whole series of articles or even a book. What is for sure is that Evony is best avoided by everyone. Go and play Runescape, Habbo or Free Realms instead.

  3. You know, when you even launch Evony from your browser, it installs a client into your machine so you may very well have been made vulnerable.

  4. dude ur an idoit.
    Evony creators may not give a shit about
    the game, but so what. They dont play the
    game. If someone enjoys the game let them
    play without all of these anti-evony posts.
    so what if they dont want to pay someone to
    correct errors. Would u? Seriously dude it's
    a decent game. quit talking about shit u have no idea about. Just cause u didnt like the game deosn't mean u have to badmouth it u duetch

  5. @ the above post

    huge global scale Spamming, irelevant Sexual adds on every 2nd webpage and attempting to manipulate children using sex and rewards for a browser based game that (judging from the CEO Eric Lam's track record of fraudulant Criminal activities) is infecting your PC with malware ~(removing posts on their own forums when people comment on Anti-Virus detecting Trojans)

    Call anyone you like an idiot.... but if you play this game without considering theese factors then look in the mirror before you do next time.

  6. Evony and Mr. Eric Lam has affectively created his own demise by trying to sue for blogging the truth.

    the preceeding letter of intent to Sue has been posted "all over town" and them demanding compensation from the accused "or we will sue" is typical of such scum bag buisnessman as we are dealing with.

    The game sucks never played it. never will I youtubed Evony gameplay and found videos of a game I would have expected to have been realeased in the early 90's

    So if they dont have a good game. their marketing/advertising is repulsive and intrusive and their is the constant threat of malpractise / malware from the Creators.

    then this game gets a BIG THUMBS DOWN and a rating of -95/100

    Ps Legal Action needs to be taken against Eric Lam. Someone rich enough gather the evidence and take this whole system of blatent false advertising and manipulative revenue gathering off the internet before those gold farming bastards make 50 more of theese so called "buisnesess" and EVERY PAGE IS SPAM FROM THEM ! stop them now they have crossed over the acceptable line and if nobody stops them they will continue and multiply like a Virus.

    Microsoft has allready sued or is suing Eric Lam his brother and mother for +750,000 USD for Click Fraud.

    He is the kind of scumbag that tricks you into signing up for a game site like World of Warcraft, then Sells your Sign up information on to Insurance agencies etc.

    I would like to see more law suits brought against Mr lam and his respective companies before this kind of internet activity becomes acceptable...

    20 years from now do you want an Internet filled with this BS ?

    I sure as hell do not.

    Is it racist to say something about a Race, when its true ?
    becouse this is not the 1st. nor the 2nd not evan the 20th so called "internet buisness" to come out of china with no regard for morals or ..." what is ok " and what is clearly not.

    If you are chineese and you take offence to my last comment. perhaps you should look to blame the system in place in your country to control such illegitate buisness practice. and ammend them.

    I do not wish this to be viewed as racial slander.

    My point was if Mr. Lam was English or American.... We would have dealt with him along time ago.

  7. ur stupid dude r u 1 of those sad losers that hasnt achieved anything in there lives so has to badmouth evrything on the internet that is sussesfull.

  8. All of you need to learn to spell and use proper grammar.

  9. To the poster above being annoyed that I reviewed a game:

    That's what I do on NFOpocalypse - review games. I'm not going to cut Evony a break just because some people like it. Furthermore, there's more to it than "just a bad game," which was highlighted in my original post on NFO as well as the comment thread above. If you like the game, by all means write a review of your own! Blogs are free, man!

    In general, to all people who are posting:

    God damn it! Read some of my other posts! This Evony crap draws a lot of hits but it's soul-crushing to write about.

  10. Evony is a fraud!! yeah i admit it i was one of those gamers playing evony 10hrs a day, after a while i realized that evony isnt "good" if we can put it that way. Why did they change the name? To get rid off bad publicy!! They advertise evony everywhere, and worst of all they are using sexual pictures so that TEENS fall into it and register. Yeah teens because teens are easier to fool. Yeah a teen like me! STOP PLAYING EVONY!!

  11. I have investigated the shadowy people behind Evony and written an article about it: http://www.bruceongames.com/2010/02/19/the-people-behind-evony/

  12. Why is it again that everyone is so pissed at the chinaman? Here is my two cents. No doubt the graphics are something from the original Nintendo, (great system I still have mine) and sure this guy might have a track record of doing this. When he steals from me I will let you know. In terms of viruses, well since I stopped going to porn sites, and I have been playing Evony, I haven't picked up a naughty horse yet. I am an average, white lower middle class american. College educated and by no stretch a hillbilly. I enjoy the damn game. I can't freaking help it. Maybe it's just my addictive personality but, rest assured, if something like him frauding my credit card or anything else should happen, you will all be the first to know.

  13. The Chinaman thing was a joke on my original post. I don't care that they're Chinese outside of the fact that lots of this crap comes out of China due to the complications that come with enforcing basic intellectual property laws across borders.

    I'm pissed at them because they:

    1. Outright stole graphics from other games
    2. Use the lowest form of marketing: Sexvertising
    3. Attempt(ed) to dupe their players by referring to in-game currency as "cents" with a 10 cent to 1 in-game cent conversion ratio
    4. Started a frivolous law suit against Bruce Everiss for "defamation" i.e. telling people about the darker side of Evony. Then, they lie in official court documents and file the suit halfway around the world from him (Australia) to take advantage of a shitty court system when it comes to IP law

    Do I need to go on?

    My original post was nothing but a simple review that I framed with humor because, quite frankly, I felt that the game was so obviously terrible that it warranted that. Lampooning something without the occasional joke is just plain dull. The resulting shitstorm of them swarming NFO with spambots advertising the game, other blogs picking up the story, and the law suit on Bruce prompted me to revisit the topic a few times.

    And lastly, to the Anonymous poster above who said "ur stupid dude r u 1 of those sad losers that hasnt achieved anything in there lives so has to badmouth evrything on the internet that is sussesfull."

    Try actually reading NFOpocalypse some time. Evony is one of 12 games I've reviewed so far and is the only one I gave a negative review of. I simply don't waste my time with bad games unless they're THIS HILARIOUSLY BAD.

    Also, spell check mother fucker, do you use it?

  14. OK, now lots of Evony secrets have found their way out of China, so you can see the real story behind the game: http://www.bruceongames.com/2010/03/26/a-short-history-of-evony-in-china/

  15. evony is a cruel,slow game.it takes forever to build, only to be demoralised by experienced players who has you completely outnumbered.my suggestion is to give this game a big miss.dont waste your time!it is also very expensive to play and is not free to play.you have to pay dearly if you wish to give yourself a chance in the game. an ex-evony player=greg mack!!

  16. i've been playing this game for several months and i have to say absolutely nothing discussed here is true. there's no malware, get over yourself you useless wastes. sex is the basis for nearly all marketing and advertisment today, from clothing to automobiles to potato chips. this is no different. as far as paying to buy in game items? uhh.....

    hold on..



    you're all fucking retarded

  17. Yes sure- I think it is very expensive. In fact I can't believe how expensive it is. Everything has to be either bought , won or battled for. Then when you have it-You have to pay to keep it. Thats why I never pay anything in to the game, Its a control idea-Never pay a cent to them and therefore how can you lose. But sure I just lost 200 thousand troops in battle. The attacker lost 506,299 in battle. So how much does that all cost. Well millions. Possible over a billion game gold units. Which must be a lot. Also the troops need to be fed a load every hour. They are not cheep. So don't pay anything in and try and figure out how much it costs. Maybe its all pyscological and really about how you think about the game. I have 3 cities all with thousands of personel which are the population. I can tax them or send them to work in the feild. So it is my thousands of city dwellers who do the back-breaking work. My heros do the fighting whilst I do the more normal things a Lord does. So if my 300 thousand troops go and get 10 million in gold from some enermy. Who has done all the hard work. Certainly not me. I never put a dime in. Therefore it must be the hard working internet soldiers who do the work. See what I mean. Its how you look at things. If my troops aquire more wealth than they cost-is the game costing me anything? No. It costs nothing but time-and even that time can be done by the computer. But sure I agree it is awsomely expensive. The up-keep alone of a 100 thousand troops must cost more then landing on Mayfair in the game of monopoly.

  18. I wrote the above comment but was unable to put my name to it-So I figured I would just add another comment identifing myself in stead of Annonimouse. I am Mike Greenwood, Live in the UK and played Evony for about 8 months. My Evony name is Lord Aces Mike and I play on server 138 Age 1. My computer is on anyway so I keep the game on the base bar and just keep an eye on it. So though I have it on daily -I do not spend all day playing it. I believe it is designed as a back ground game and is intended to be accessed occasionally to load up more troops or to click on an up-grade. Once you click on- you just drop the game to the base bar and get on with what ever other work you usally do. The computer actally does the up-grading. In fact you could open the game- Load up 24hrs worth and turn the game off. All the work will then be done on the Evony server rather than your own. So it need not cost hardly anything in terms of telephone data allowance.

  19. I am all for passive once or twice-a-day strategy games, but Evony lacks any real depth or ingenuity, the developers are highly suspicious, and their motives are plainly not aimed at giving a satisfying game experience. If you want an original, competitive MMOTBS that rewards strategy, only requires 1 daily login, and has a community of skilled, friendly players, then try Utopia (utopia-game.com) or hell any of those facebook games we all hear so much about.

  20. evony is a war game were almost, always the victor in a battle is the one with the bigger wallet and more online friends than offline friends. oh and to Mr. Mike Greenwood, sure u can play evony your way, but start on the wrong sever and try that. you'll soon find that your a$$ has been kicked and all your 8 months of work destroyed in one night while you were sleeping or at work, by a 13 year old kid that has nothing better to do than waste his time and parents money(the boys allowance)on evony. iv been playing evony for a little over a year now and its not a friendly game at all. iv seen alliances start and fall apart, people internet bulled to the point of break down,and even sum of the longest playing members piss of the wrong nerd and have there profiles hacked, there hero's stolen(('side note' a HERO takes a lot of money and time to become worth anything. iv been playing over a year and still do not have a hero worth a d@mn, but i do not give evony even 1 cent of my money)), and then there accounts reset without anyone being able to do anything about it. does evony do anything about it?? yea 1 thing, but only recently. they enable you an extra, different password that you can set up to lock important things like the RESET button. big deal. if sum1 is smart enough to get past the first email and password then whats 1 more password, that also has a "Forgot my Password" link below it."STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME" at the very least evony could return all the fake and total useless stuff that a player paid for and lost. Truthfully i only played evony 2 months b4 i got sick of all the constant work you have to do (if you don't put money on the game) to become worth a d@mn on evony but i digress if u don't put money on the game and you don't take the game seriously then its a fun, good game to meet new friends on that u can play with on other great games. BUT IF AT ALL POSSIBLE STAY AWAY FROM EVONY. oh and srry if my grammar wuzent proper enough for sum ppl. u can blame that on evony 2 if u want 2 or texting, watever helps u sleep at night but if u can't read wat i wright then maybe ur a lil 2 old and shouldnt even be reading about this stuff. or maybe age has nothing to do with it and ur just a d!ck that needs sumthing to b!tch about. i know a 65 year old married women thats better than me ((i have over 6mill prestige and im currently in the 3rd top ranked alliance on a super sever)) at evony AND has a my space and face book. anyways make the world better "be nice to ppl"