Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Update on ETM Security Suite

I now recommend skipping Ad-aware Free if you're comfortable with the levels of protection Comodo and AVG provide. Frankly, turning it off during start-up is a royal pain. I managed to do it using one of the handful of administrative tools I use. I'm not sure if it was TweakUI, SpeedUpMyPC (which costs $), or CCleaner. I went through all of them and most couldn't actually stop the Ad-Aware processes completely. Anyway, I scanned my computer and Ad-aware showed nothing different. In fact, I had no malware at all... just two undeleted cookies. I wish I'd known that before scanning over a million files four times.

Since I am a seriously heavy browser and downloader, I'd say that's a fair test of the package's ability to protect your computer.

I've stricken it from previous posts and linked all three like so:

[Original Post]
[Update 1]
[Update 2 (This one)]

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