Friday, January 16, 2009

Update on ETM Security Suite

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A small note about Comodo Internet Security...

I suspect this will be fixed in a future update at some point (though research suggests it's a festering bug that has gone unresolved for some time), but if you run Firefox (as I've suggested) and probably for Internet Explorer as well, it is important to note that Comodo's Defense+ logs files to be reviewed. While this would be an extremely handy feature if it had some criteria for noting these files for review, it seems the only criteria is activity or, perhaps, whether or not Comodo has seen the file before...

What this means is that if you're browsing the Internet regularly, you are constantly encountering new files (html, images, videos, music, and so forth) and thus constantly adding files to that list. Combine this with a feature of any browser whereby you can have it delete your history upon exit and you have a backlog: Comodo wants you to review every deleted file... even if those files are no longer there. After a solid week of browsing, I can fill the list over 10 thousand files, and that begins to slow Comodo, and that's the valve to the tubes of my internets.

The solution? Very simple: every couple days, double-click the tray icon for Comodo. On the right side under "Proactive Defense" click "waiting for review" in "x file(s) waiting for review." Check the box at the top left of this window for "all" and click "Remove" on the right-hand side. You're now ready to get back to populating the list again.

It's a minor inconvenience to an otherwise stupendous program. If you don't believe me, ask Cnet in their recent list of top free security software for 2009. A couple others of mine made the list as well - told you I wasn't shilling you bullshit.

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