Monday, January 19, 2009

Hell's Kitchen

People will never learn.

It's a well-established fact for any restaurateur that using microwaves is just plain stupid. As Chef Ramsay would say: "You're a donkey if you think that tastes good." Now, I personally eat out regularly at pretty upscale places in the Tri-State Area, so I know when something tastes microwaved. Typically, the food will be cooked\scalding hot on the inside but relatively cool or undercooked on the outside. Unfortunately, shows like Kitchen Nightmares regularly showcase chefs that use frozen ingredients in microwaves and deep fryers more than fresh daily ingredients in stoves and grills, resulting in shit for cuisine and no return business.

So, time to get to the point: I think I'm in fortunate enough circumstances to have the type of palate required to out yet another crappy chef who should do time for Assault with Deadly Culinary Techniques and also for Endangerment of Diners. This chef had a fairly fresh and exotic ingredient, but still needs to learn to cook properly: linkage.

How utterly sickening. I'm glad she's going to jail. Only the good chefs who know to use ovens should get to be free.

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