Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ch.. ch... ch... Changes!

Picture source: Yamatologic
Today, Obama was elected President. More importantly, Ed has chosen his running mate for greatest blog ever: Me.

My name? Erd Tird Mans. Obviously, that's a pen name, but it's valuable to have when you've been around the Internet as long as I have... that's not to say I'm hiding my identity at this point. In fact, searching it on Google brings up my MySpace most of the time (Or, you could just click the link on the side).

At any rate, I'm the more technologically capable of the two of us, and since we've been friends for years now, Ed decided to add me to his blog. In typical merger and acquisition fashion, I've reworked his layout template, kept the tag line, and decided on a dual blog title. Marriage is about compromise (no, we're not gay... at least, I'm not. I have my doubts about him).

You'll notice we write and think very much the same... this is no major coincidence. We met at Drexel University in Philly (me a commuter, him a resident), both in Engineering degrees, both dropped out (I'm at another school now), and both politically liberal (as is customary in our part of the country). These similarities are why we're friends.

He is more partisan than I am. I give more credence to religion than his wild atheist brain allows him. I am more about the ends, whereas he is bigger on the means. When he blogs, he generally rants while I actually try to assemble a cohesive thought. He listens to pop and R&B while I generally abhor the stuff. These differences are also why we're friends.

Hopefully, my addition adds a little flavor to this recipe. At any rate, it's not like the readers have any choice in the matter (all 5 of you).

Enough introduction... to my first real post!

Side note: Yes, I am the guy Ed mentioned in a prior post who was getting the CT/PET Scan and hoped the radioactive isotopes would give me telekinesis. I don't believe my powers have kicked in yet, but when i was walking to the porch recently to refill my beer from the kegerator, the door did open by itself. A sign of things to come, I hope.

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