Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Old Documents

Catching up on my TiVo'd stuff, I was watching Bill Maher recently. During the program, there was a debate that was so simple and poignant I was surprised I never realized the silliness of an aspect of our government: the 2-seat Senate setup. Most democratic countries don't have a bicameral legislature, and those that do have both houses based on a proportion of their total populations (like we do in the House of Representatives). Clearly, this is a better system, because it means people are represented equally.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The ETM Security Suite: Free Edition

[ This post is part of a series: ETM Security Suite ]

Now I'm no security guru, but I am a technophile who watches a lot of free porn, downloads a lot of torrents, and has seen more of the Internet than you can probably imagine. So, naturally I should be overrun with malware of all sorts, right? Wrong.

I actually rarely update my shit, and for about 6 weeks I was living on the edge: security software-free. However, even a sensible computer nerd should have something to keep his computer safe in that rare event that he actually does stumble across something malicious. So, I finally sat down a little while ago and re-researched - and tested - a handful of programs.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Race Race '08

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I find it annoying when people insist on maintaining the secrecy of their ballot.  I mean... sure there are situations where it's necessary (like not wanting to spend 45 minutes debating politics with your boss), but on the whole it's silly.  You put real thought and consideration into your vote didn't you?  And that research you did!  You should be proud of your vote, because you know you made the right call!  Instead of pride, some people carry a feeling of shame, either because of their zombie-like voting on "charisma," or because of phenomenon like the Bradley Effect - otherwise known as the "YOU VOTED FOR THE BLACK GUY!?!?!?" effect.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ch.. ch... ch... Changes!

Picture source: Yamatologic
Today, Obama was elected President. More importantly, Ed has chosen his running mate for greatest blog ever: Me.

My name? Erd Tird Mans. Obviously, that's a pen name, but it's valuable to have when you've been around the Internet as long as I have... that's not to say I'm hiding my identity at this point. In fact, searching it on Google brings up my MySpace most of the time (Or, you could just click the link on the side).

Friday, October 3, 2008

Thoughts on Vice Presidential Debate

A comment on the C-Span upload of the Vice Presidential debate of October 2nd, 2008 between Governor Palin and Senator Biden reads:

Damn shes so hot. I bet she gets really dirty. Those types will always surprise you. lol

Insightful political commentary from what can only be assumed to be the central tube of the Internets.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Two days ago, my friend got a CT/PET Scan. This type of radiology involves radioactive material being injected into your body as a tracer, such that when going to the bathroom before his scan, the technician asked that he "sit down to pee" as his "urine is radioactive now."

It might be a couple more days before he develops super powers from this. I'll be sure to update you once they've emerged. He wants telekinesis, but frankly I think magnetism manipulation is way better. It's basically the same thing, but it doesn't require acute concentration. You can move quarters and stuff, and you don't have to be that strong to throw cars and shit!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bear Grylls = the MAN

I can’t understand why Survivorman with that bald guy is still on, especially considering that Discovery has Bear fucking Grylls. I can think of at least five reasons Bear Grylls is cooler than the bald guy…

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Not gonna talk about it (Racism)

With daily news focus on a first black president, immigration, Reverend Wright, rising crime rates, “nappy-headed hoes,” and the drug war, I am reminded constantly of the race problem in our society. Multiple requests from my faithful readers have asked me to use my blogfluence to address racism and establish a moratorium on racial epithets. While I confess that hearing nigger, spic, chink, WOP, and Mick upsets me, I do not believe a discussion of this is prudent. How can I, an intelligent American think this?