Tuesday, April 17, 2007

VA Tech Shootings

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Ethan Edwin White, simply known as Ed, and though my presence on the internet has been isolated thusfar, I hope that this message reaches out to every man, woman, and child in the world:

The Virginia Tech shootings that happened only hours ago upset me on a very personal level. Ordinarily, I hear about these things and think simply, "Oh my god, how horrific," but this time I stand outraged and think the killer crossed the line. The shooter in this massacre took thirty-two souls from this Earth before killing himself in a senseless, wasteful demonstration of rage and frustration. With a thirty-two kd ratio, he was obviously aim hacking, and that should not be tolerated. What does that accomplish? How is that fair? We need to teach our children morals and ethics to prevent this kind of disgusting behavior. This tragedy is just more proof that our nation is going to hell. But, before we get there, I'm standing against this kind of activity.


  1. I don't like that Virginia gets tagged for this stuff. I don't like that people on the outside think of this when they think of Virginia, and I don't like how they don't understand how it was (and still is) for the people and communities involved. Nine people from my home stomping grounds died that day. We still have road memorials near victims' families' homes. And our post offices, homes, grocery stores... all have VT flags and well-wishing banners. You can't drive for five minutes without seeing cars with VT plate holders, ribbons, stickers, decals...

    You get the idea. VT was always there. Now it's everywhere.

  2. Agree with Ed on this one, yeah it was a tragic loss, but how can we continue to enjoy FPSs with this kind of exploitation going on? The victims did not report these hacks to to the GMs therefore they will continue. I fear for my future children, I hope the day never comes when they are "HEADSHOT!!!" through a wall right after spawning at their locker everyday after class? Report those hacks & exploits people, our futures depend on it!