Saturday, April 21, 2007


Jon Corzine, one of the most prophetic statesman to ever hold office in the great state of New Jersey was recently involved in a tragic and unforseeable car accident. In this blogger's opinion, we should all bow our heads and say a prayer that his recovery is swift and his future bright.

A man such as Jon Corzine, who won his office with poignant positions and brave stances, should be recognized as a great American. He was always busy working for New Jersey, so much so that on this fateful day, between meetings, the state trooper driving him around was forced to push the speed limit to 90-some odd miles-per-hour, in order to promptly arrive at their next, very urgent meeting regarding core issues for New Jersey.

Unfortunately, his important duties meant that he needed mobility while in his seat, and likewise he could not wear his seat belt in accordance with Jersey law. Many have criticized him for this error in judgment, but would any of us be so brave as to endanger our lives like this for the people of this state? Every year, hundreds of people are pulled over for this offense - and rightly so - so I can understand why many scorn Corzine for his failure to wear a seat belt, but I humbly disagree with that sentiment.

In any case, we should all respect this wonderful human being for his work, and wish him the absolute best in this dark hour.

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